Quilter is a cutting-edge solution to a decades-old problem.

Electronics design automation is still stuck in the 90’s.
Let’s change that together.

The problem

Despite decades of research in design automation, 
circuit board design remains slow, tedious, and error prone.


of a typical electrical engineer’s time is spent on layout


estimated annual global spend on designing circuit boards

47 years

since the first commercial autorouter was released, still without significant industry adoption today

The solution

Quilter uses reinforcement learning informed by physics simulations to create a fully automated, superhuman circuit board designer.

Quilter’s designer can

Ship designs faster

Quilter designs circuit boards 100x faster than humans and delivers new iterations in hours, not weeks.

Explore the full design space

Quilter deeply optimizes board designs to eliminate extra design margins that add manufacturing costs.

Eliminate human errors

Quilter uses physics simulations to validate real-world performance and eliminate delays from simple mistakes.

Quilter is the result of tight partnership between leading AI/ML engineers and world-class electrical engineers

“At Quilter, we’re developing some of the most exciting industry applications of reinforcement learning. It’s a great place to be a researcher.”

Dyllan McCreary
AI Research Engineer

~50% of Quilter’s total headcount is invested in exploring and implementing novel approaches and solutions to automated placement and routing.

Quilter’s physics simulator is a comprehensive, full-wave Maxwell solver, used to identify and prevent issues and errors in PCB designs.

“I joined Quilter because I saw how serious they were about designing a solution that embraces the messy physics that EEs consider when they design boards today.”

Will Hart
Hardware PM
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