About Us

Quilter helps hardware teams innovate - fast

At Quilter, we're building a future where hardware teams are empowered to dedicate their entire focus towards exploration, invention, and creation.

Our founder’s journey

The first PCB that Sergiy, Quilter's CEO, ever designed was a soft-start switch for SpaceX in 2014.

As an EMI & Radiation Engineer, he quickly discovered that limited access to layout resources meant he could only improve the rocket's design as quickly as he could build and test designs himself.

This experience led him to found Quilter with the goal of accelerating innovation by eliminating the most tedious and time-consuming aspects of PCB development.

Save time, save money, & innovate faster.

“I founded Quilter to build the compiler for circuit boards.”

Sergiy Nesterenko


Our mission

Innovation & exploration

We want to help focus the creativity of the human mind on expanding the constraints of technology, not navigating and implementing them.

Collaboration & teamwork

We believe that small groups of bright and motivated people are capable of extraordinary things. We win and lose together as a team.

Accelerating hardware

We're focused on accelerating hardware innovation because we believe that the companies with the largest impact to our lives are those that build for the physical world.

Eliminating barriers

Developing performant PCBs with today's tools requires extensive industry experience. Eliminating this knowledge bottleneck will help teams improve our physical world, faster.

How far we've come

Quilter was founded in 2022 and launched in
restricted early access in Spring 2023.


140K boards compiled


8.0M+ components placed


26.7MM+ pins  routed

Save valuable engineering time.

Quilter is in restricted early access.

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