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April 26, 2024 9:41


Automate circuit board layout

Engineers at the world's most innovative electronics companies build with Quilter.

End-to-end PCB design on demand

Placement, routing & stackups

Quilter is an “all in one” PCB designer that can place components, route traces, define board stackups, generate pours, and more.


Fully optimized board designs

Quilter imports design constraints from your board and schematic files to optimize designs for EMI performance and manufacturing.


Picks up where you leave off

Quilter will place and route any unfinished components and traces without modifying any design elements that you created manually.


Designs in hours, not weeks

In just hours, Quilter generates dozens of high quality design candidates to choose from that pass DRC (0 errors) and are ready for fabrication.


Quilter works natively with your existing design tools

Quilter is fully compatible with your existing designs and libraries. All completed designs are returned in the same file format they were submitted for inspection, modification, and export.

Altium and KiCad

How to use Quilter

Design your schematic

Design your schematic using your ECAD application of choice. We currently support Altium (paid) and KiCAD (free).

Upload your design files

Upload your schematic and empty board file with outline and net list. Quilter automatically parses for design context to improve its designs.

Define your constraints

Define any board constraints you want Quilter to respect. We proactively validate designs against manufacturing tolerances from top fabs houses.

Generate design candidates

Quilter’s generative AI explores dozens of layout candidates and ensures that completed designs meet your DRCs and manufacturing tolerances.



How is Quilter different from an autorouter?

Quilter is more like a human designer than it is like an autorouter. Quilter manages all aspects of PCB design including routing traces, placing components, managing board stackups, and generating custom pours.

Quilter can design boards that are far more complex than most autorouters can complete, explores hundreds of design possibilities to optimize its result, and even validates the best candidates within the design space against tolerances from top fabricators.


What boards can Quilter layout?

In the long term, we will support every type of board. Given current capabilities, Quilter is best for boards that are:
< 1000 pins
< 100 components
< 10% density
< 500MHz signals
< 2A current


How does Quilter handle design rules?

Quilter simultaneously evaluates designs against 10 rulesets and recommends the most conservative one that reaches 100% routing with 0 DRC violations.

These rulesets come directly from PCB manufacturers including JLPCB, OSHPark, and PCBWay; we display logos for the vendors that can support the most conservative rules we managed to complete.


How long does Quilter take to complete a design?

Quilter uses reinforcement learning to explore your board’s unique design space and learn from millions of design possibilities. It takes up to 1-2 hours before your first successful layout candidate appears. Fully exploring all layout candidates takes 2-6 hours, and the system will automatically time out after 12 hours.

You’ll be able to start reviewing candidates before the job is finished (including incomplete candidates), and we notify you via email when we find the first successful candidate, and when the job is completed.