Automate circuit board layout

Design your next PCB design in hours, not weeks, with Quilter's generative AI for electronics.

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Build your schematic

Create your schematic using your ECAD application of choice. We currently support Altium, KiCAD, and EAGLE.

Define your constraints

Define any board constraints you want Quilter to respect, like PCB dimensions, connector location, or high current/frequency signals.

We automatically pull manufacturing tolerances from the top fab houses so you don’t have to.

Generate your layout

Quilter’s generative AI explores dozens of layout candidates and ensures that completed designs meet your DRCs and manufacturing tolerances.

Download your design

Review recommended candidates, select your favorite, and download manufacturing-ready board files for fabrication and testing.

Quilter works natively within Altium, KiCAD, and EAGLE file formats. All completed boards are returned in the same format that they were submitted.

How we do it:

Quilter makes layout as simple as compiling code.

Quilter enables hardware teams to achieve superhuman results through collaboration with generative AI. Here’s how we do it:


AI for PCBs

Quilter's generative layout engine was purpose-built for PCB layout and can run in the cloud or on-prem.


End to end layout

Quilter can manage component placement, board dimensions, trace routing, and PCB stackup.


Validated by physics

Quilter uses physics solvers to validate EMI and thermal performance of your board to identify the best designs.


Dozens of candidates

Quilter delivers up to dozens of manufacturable candidates and recommends those with the best performance.


Keep your workflow

Design in your CAD tool of choice, upload your schematic, download ready-to-build design files.

What people have said
about Quilter

"Quilter has greatly reduced the risk of human error in our engineering processes. It's amazing how much time and resources we've saved."

Andres O.

Quality Control Manager @Panoptical

It's amazing how much time and resources it has saved us.

"Its advanced functionality has eliminated the guesswork in our engineering processes."

Joshua T.

Operations Manager @Superus

"Since using Quilter, our team has been able to complete engineering tasks in a fraction of the time it used to take us. It's been a game changer for us!"

Samantha N.

Engineering Manager @Acmemade

It has significantly cut down on the effort I put into engineering tasks.

Quilter has streamlined my workload, allowing me to focus on more critical tasks.

“Quilter has made my job so much easier. Its intuitive software has streamlined my workload, allowing me to focus on more critical tasks.”

Zhifei S.

Design Engineer @SpaceVenture



Which CAD programs are supported?

Quilter currently works natively within Altium, KiCAD, and EAGLE file formats. There’s no importing, exporting, or file conversions, and all completed board files are returned in the same format that they were submitted.


Why do Quilter designs look so unique?

Optimizing a complex circuit board layout requires balancing tradeoffs between thousands of parameters that impact the final result. Even very experienced humans optimize for a very limited subset of those parameters and use "rules of thumb" to complete a design.

As an AI, Quilter can optimize for all design parameters at once and explore unconventional design possibilities that would be too risky or time-consuming for a human to consider. The resulting designs are occasionally unfamiliar, but regularly superhuman.


What boards can Quilter layout?

In the long term, we will support every type of board. Given current capabilities, Quilter is best for boards that are:
< 1000 pins
< 100 components
< 10% density
< 500MHz signals
< 2A current


How does Quilter handle design rules?

Quilter simultaneously evaluates designs against 10 rulesets and recommends the most conservative one that reaches 100% routing with 0 DRC violations.

These rulesets come directly from PCB manufacturers including JLPCB, OSHPark, and PCBWay; we display logos for the vendors that can support the most conservative rules we managed to complete.

Save valuable engineering time.

Quilter is in restricted early access.

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