Fab for Free Program

Get free prototypes of your Quilter-generated circuit boards!

Fab your design

How it works

With Quilter’s “Fab for Free” program, new and existing Quilter users can fabricate Quilter-designed circuit boards with no out-of-pocket expense.

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Generate your design

Sign up or log in to your Quilter account and generate a new PCB design in the Quilter app.

Submit for fabrication

After selecting your layout candidate, fill out the form to provide us your shipping address and design files (Altium or KiCAD).

Get your boards

After validating your design and program eligibility, we’ll pay to have your raw PCBs fabricated and shipped to the provided address.

Who is eligible

First time Quilter users

All new Quilter users receive one credit to fabricate an eligible Quilter-generated board through our “Fab for Free” program

Returning Quilter users

Quilter users who post a writeup of their project to our community forums are eligible to earn another “Fab for Free” credit.

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Submit your design and get free PCBs
Fab your design

Fab for Free program FAQs


Which vendor will you use to produce my circuit board?

Quilter may use any one of a number of PCB fabricators to build your board, depending on the minimum supported manufacturing specifications and cost of service. We commonly submit boards to OSH Park, JLCPCB, and PCB Way.


When will my “Fab for Free” order arrive?

We want to get you your boards as quickly as possible. Provided that there is a “swift” or “fast turn” service available for the board you wish to fabricate, we’ll frequently be happy to pay for the upgrade. That said, we’ll use our discretion to find the best match for your design, and cannot guarantee any specific fabricator or service speed. We do not recommend using our “Fab for Free” program for time-sensitive orders.


What if my circuit board has unique fabrication requirements?

Upon submission, please let us know if your circuit board has any unique fabrication requirements that we should be aware of. If we cannot accommodate your request, we will let you know and you can redeem your “Free to Fab” credit for another design.


Are there any restrictions on my designs?

Quilter’s design agent is not trained on any customer or IP-sensitive materials, and designs that Quilter generates do not come with any warranty or restrictions on personal or commercial use. For more information on our terms of use, click here.


What if my board doesn’t work?

While has been historically uncommon, it is possible for Quilter-designed prototypes to be nonfunctional due to a variety of reasons including schematic errors, manufacturing issues, or layout design flaws. If you believe your board is nonfunctional due to a design flaw, please let us know by sending us a note at hello@quilter.ai so we can remedy the situation.

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